How to Design a Retail Sign That Stands Out

A great retail sign can benefit your business hugely, bringing people in from the street and helping you create consistent, recognisable branding. This short guide aims to explain three things you should consider if you want to design a retail sign that really stands out from the crowd.

Think About Surrounding Signs

If you want your retail signage to stand out from the crowd, it's probably going to be useful to get to know that crowd. Look at the shops that surround yours. Do they tend to have bold, eye-catching signs, or does your street have more of a sweet, pastel-toned vibe? Which signs do you notice when you walk down the street, and which ones blend into the background? After you've figured out what works in your area and environment, design your sign accordingly, using colours, fonts, styles and size to make your sign stand out.

Pick Your Wording Wisely

Choosing the right wording for your retail sign is vitally important, as a good sign will be able to get people interested and draw them in from the street. Make sure that the name of your shop is the most prominent part of your sign, as this will make it easier to find for people who are specifically looking for it. However, if your shop is brand-new or the name doesn't make it clear what you sell, you might want a few extra words, listing what you sell or provide. If you really want to stand out, a particularly clever description, pun or piece of wordplay can really intrigue people passing by.

Consider Complementary Colours

A great colour scheme can really make your retail sign stand out, especially if you make use of contrasting colours to draw people's eyes to your shop. You might also have a colour scheme for your business, but if not, it's a good idea to choose a palette for your signage and branding. Think about what colours suit your business type, and pick something that's lively and eye-catching. If bright colours aren't your thing, black and white can be used to create a cool, modern sign that still stands out.

By choosing something that suits your location, considering a complementary colour scheme and choosing the perfect wording, you can create a sign that's sure to entice potential customers. When you're ready to bring your ideas to life, contact a local sign maker to get started.