Two tips for those ordering and installing outdoor signs for premises that are in bad neighbourhoods

If a businessperson needs to hire some sign installers to fit outdoor signage on their premises but their premises are in a neighbourhood where things like break-ins, vandalism and other crimes occur quite often, they should heed the advice given here.

They should order signage that will lie flat against the surface it's attached to

When ordering their outdoor signage, the businessperson should opt for a design which is flat rather than three-dimensional because the latter would jut out from the wall on which it is installed, it could be used as a perch by criminals who wish to climb up the wall and break into one of the upper windows.

If a criminal uses the sign for this purpose, there could be a couple of possible outcomes; either they will successfully use it to reach an open window and break into the building (in which case they could steal much of the owners' valuable merchandise and equipment) or, if they are very heavy, the sign could collapse whilst they're trying to climb it (in which case the sign would have to be replaced a second time and the person in question might be severely injured). In either case, the businessperson would have to deal with the upsetting and expensive consequences of this event.

Conversely, if the outdoor sign they have installed is completely flat, criminals will be unable to use it as a foothold, and they will be a lot less inclined to even try to climb the wall.

They should have the sign installers fit the sign relatively high up on their building's wall

When the sign installers are ready to hang up the sign, the owner of the premises should instruct them to install it as high up on their building's wall as they can without the sign becoming hard for people to see. The reason for this is that if the installers hang the sign in a spot that would put it within reach of a person of average height, then vandals who approach the premises, armed with spray paint, markers and other graffiti-related tools, will find it very easy to destroy the surface of that sign with these items.

If on the other hand, the sign is too high up for criminals to paint it whilst standing on the ground and they realise they would need a ladder in order to vandalise it, then they will probably just give up and pick another building. 

Reach out to a sign installer about what you'd like.