Three Things To Consider When Designing A Car Wrap

A car wrap can be a great way to gain new interest in your small business, especially if it is professional and well-designed. There are a few things to consider when designing a car wrap in order to make it as effective and eye-catching as possible.

Consider Colour Palettes

Choosing a colour palette for your car wrap is an important first step, and it depends on the colour of your car. For example, if your car is black or white, you will have a lot of colours to choose from as most colours will stand out. However, if your car is green, then a yellow or white wrap will not stand out well. Try complementary colours such as yellow and purple for the most eye-catching effect. You may already have an established colour scheme for your business, in which case you can experiment with your colours or speak to a designer to see how they would recommend incorporating your colours into a car wrap.

Choose The Text

The text for your car wrap is very important and is specific to the context of it being a car wrap. People will see your car wrap as they walk past your car on the pavement, get stuck behind you in traffic or see your car in a car park. Therefore, you want them to know in a glance what you do and how to get in touch. Make sure you try to explain how you are different from other businesses of the same type. Don't forget to add a phone number, email address or website so people can contact you. Finally, make sure the font is clear and can be read from a distance.

Decide On Images

You don't have to have images on your car wrap and can opt for just clear, plain text, but depending on your business, images could really make your wrap stand out. For example, if you are a florist, a picture of flowers could really add something. Your images do not have to be photo-realistic, but they need to tell the viewer from a glance what type of business you are. Fortunately, car wraps are easy to remove and replace if need be so you can keep your images updated. 

If you think very carefully about your colour palette, as well as choosing the right text and images, you can create a great car wrap that will raise awareness of your business and drive sales in years to come. Speak with a professional about car wrap options.