Light up Your Business with the Right Neon Sign Design

Thinking of investing in a neon sign for your business? With so many options available, deciding on the right design can be tricky. A well-designed sign will add a big wow factor to your premises, drawing your visitors' attention to whatever you choose. A sign which doesn't look quite right can seem out of place or tacky. Make your business glow by following these tips and choosing the perfect neon sign.

Pick the right colors

Neon is available in almost any shade you can imagine, so think carefully about what you pick. Choosing a color that matches your logo or existing branding can help create a consistent feel that reinforces your brand image. Customers love to take pictures with neon signs - think about how yours will look displayed on social media.

If you don't plan to have them on all the time, it's important to remember that neon signs look white when switched off. Either choose a design that looks good in white as well as in color, or purchase a sign made from special colored glass for a 24/7 hue.

Use bold, flowing lines

Due to the way they're made, neon signs usually consist of one long line, twisted into a design. Use this to your advantage by creating text in a flowing, handwritten style - this will look both iconic and eye-catching. For logo designs, you could recreate your logo exactly, or experiment with a stylized version that really plays to the advantages of neon lighting. Including smooth curves and overlapping lines will create a look that's classy and timeless.

Experiment with placement

Signs aren't just for hanging above the front door. Playing around with different sign placements on your premises opens up a whole world of new opportunities. You could draw attention to a featured product that's often missed by customers. If there's a part of the building that's amazing but not easy to see, why not light it up with a custom sign? Signs hidden away in locations around a large venue can reward your visitors for exploring and add that magical touch that makes your place stand out from the crowd.

Neon signs can be a great way to point visitors in the right direction. Got an upstairs area where no-one ever shops? A bold, illuminated arrow is sure to change that. Own a cinema where viewers get lost on their way to the screen? A carefully placed 'This way' sign will save your staff from having to run around directing people. No-one knows your business better than you, so think about common problems that could be solved with a simple sign—there might be more than you expect!