Important Tips for Caring for Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze plaques are very common in public areas, as they're used to honor someone from the past, give information about a certain attraction, commemorate a date, mark a cemetery, and so forth. Bronze is a classic metal that can have an antique-like appearance that makes it a good choice for such markers. Like most other metals, however, it does suffer some wear and tear over time. Note a few important tips for caring for cast bronze plaques so you know yours will look its best no matter its age and no matter the elements to which it's exposed.

1. Removing fine scratches

If your cast bronze plaque has fine scratches, you actually want to avoid using a product that says it removes fine scratches. That is because these products usually have an abrasive in them that is meant to polish some metals and materials, but which will usually scratch the soft metal of bronze and which may even discolor it. Products with ammonia, commonly used for removing scratches, will often discolor and damage bronze, so avoid these.

To remove scratches, you instead want to try a non-acidic cleaner and a terry cloth towel that is a bit rough. The terry cloth will usually remove those small scratches without damaging the bronze, and the cleaner will get up any dirt and grime that is caught in those scratches as well.

2. Brushing

Removing dust and other surface dirt from your plaque can keep it protected and looking like new. Avoid using an abrasive brush for this, but opt for a soft cleaning brush with very flexible bristles that can get in between the cracks and crevices of your plaque. You can usually use a toothbrush for this, but ensure you get the softest variety or even one meant for children's teeth.

3. Waxing

Adding a coat of wax to your cast bronze plaque will keep it protected from dust and dirt and those small scratches. It can also keep it from wearing away due to exposure to wind, rain, and the like. However, you want to use a wax made for cast bronze in particular. Some waxes are made for wood products and these may not adhere to the bronze or may even damage the surface. Be sure you also remove any excess wax when you apply it so that it doesn't actually catch dust, dirt, and other debris because it's overly thick.