Fun Ideas for Creative Business Signs

Business signs should reflect the seriousness of your business, but they also need to be creative and eye-catching in order to bring in new customers and clients. Dull and drab signs will be noticed by no one and may simply blend into the background of all the other signs that you see by the side of the road or in a strip mall. To make your sign stand out, note a few fun and creative ideas you might consider.

1. Use humor

Humorous sayings always catch people's eyes and make them stop and read. You can go online and find one-sentence sayings that may have something to do with your business or that will just get people's attention. If you have a sign that allows you to change out the letters every day, then have a list of fun sayings and quick jokes you can use every week, and you're sure to get the attention of passersby.

2. Use a mobile sign

One reason that many people ignore signs they see during their daily commute is that they're the same signs, in the same location. It's then easy to simply tune them out. However, a sign in a different location will seem fresh and new and may catch someone's eyes. Use a mobile or portable sign and change its location every morning before you open your business. No one will be expecting its new location, and in turn, you may get more attention.

3. Use movement

A sign that moves is more likely to catch the eyes of passersby than one that simply sits there. You can use flutter flags or a sign that rotates at a certain point to get attention. Digital displays that have a message scrolling across the front of the sign can work well, or you might use special effects such as tissue paper that has a wind source underneath so that it looks like flames. Talk to a sign writer about your options, as you may be surprised at what's available to keep your sign moving.

4. Mix up your lights

Putting a spotlight on your sign is a great way to bring attention to it, but mix up your lights so that passersby are always attracted to the sign. Use different colors or have the lights move across the sign. A rotating spotlight can be a good choice at night, or you might have a spotlight that uses random patterns for lighting. Again, talk to a sign writer about your choices for lighting your sign to keep it fresh.

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